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click to view full size image R-390A   -   Famous Collins designed military receiver covers 0.5 to 32 MHz AM-CW-MCW in 31 one MHz bands read directly on mechanical counter. Has four Collins mechanical filters and one crystal filter allowing .1-1-2-4-8-16 KHz selectable bandwidths. 100 kHz crystal calibrator, BFO, AGC, noise limiter, dial lock. 600 ohm audio output. 24 tubes, two diodes; two antenna connectors, twinax (balanced) and "C" (unbalanced). Requires 115/230 VAC 60 Hz. 10.5x19x16.8, 92 lbs shipping. Units are disassembled, cleaned, repainted where necessary, reassembled with any unapproved mods removed and any defective parts replaced, tuned to military spec. Sorry no top or bottom covers. Call for availability. (M1E) Used checked.
$1,200.00 each

click to view full size image 2C-2723   -   Drake 2-C amateur receiver ser.# 2723. Hybrid tube/transistor receiver, the companion to the 2-NT Novice transmitter. Can be used either as a stand-alone receiver or paired with Drake and many other transmitters and transceivers. Frequency coverage with supplied crystals 3.5 - 4.0 Mhz, 7.0 - 7.5 Mhz, 14.0 - 14.5 Mhz, 21.0 - 21.5 Mhz, and 28.5 - 29.0 Mhz; modes USB, LSB, AM; bandwith selectable 4.8, 2.4, or 0.4 kHz. One auxiliary crystal position allows coverage of any frequency segment between 3 - 30 Mhz. Optional 2-AC crystal calibrator installed. A good no-frills unit, would be ideal for a beginner or as a backup. Case is rough with a few minor dents on underside and some rust spots, front panel is in good condition with one chip out of paint directly under the word "Drake". Used checked with manual.
$200.00 each

click to view full size image TS-430S-5020668   -   Kenwood TS-430S serial# 5020668 amateur radio transceiver. Transmits 160 - 10 meter amateur bands (incl. WARC), rated power input 250W PEP SSB, 200W DC CW, and 60W AM. Receives 150khz - 30mhz continuous modes AM, LSB, USB, CW. No options installed, FM-430 10M FM board available separately. Case a bit rough, shows evidence of having been mounted mobile, but solid. Has had the "via" final amplifier mod installed and relays cleaned. Used checked.
$350.00 each

click to view full size image FM-430   -   Kenwood FM-430 FM unit for the TS-430S transceiver. With cables, cable ties, screws, and installation sheet repro. (E1H) Used checked.
$65.00 each

click to view full size image TR-4-28070   -   Early model Drake TR-4 ser# 28070 amateur transceiver. Covers 3.5 - 4.1 MHz, 7.0 - 7.6 MHz, 13.9 - 14.5 MHz, 21.0 - 21.6 MHz, 28.0 - 28.6MHz, 28.5 - 29.1MHz, and 29.1 - 29.7 MHz; modes SSB, CW, AM. Input power 300W PEP SSB, 260W CW/AM. Case in good condition with small wear spots down to the copper undercoat and rough spots in paint on top, no dents; front panel in very good condition with a small crack in corner of s-meter bezel. Requires AC-3/AC-4 power supply (not incl.) for AC operation, or DC-4 power supply (not incl.) for DC operation; also an external speaker such as the MS-4 (not incl.) and hi-Z microphone with 0.206" dia. 3-conductor mic plug such as PL-68 (not incl.). Used checked.
$325.00 each

click to view full size image EV-638   -   Electro-Voice model 638 high impedance moving-coil dynamic microphone, successor to the E-V 605. Output -57 db, sensitivity -153 db, frequency response 70-10,000 Hz omnidirectional. With PTT/locking desk stand, straight cord, and Amphenol 80-MC2M mic connector, excellent condition. Used checked
$135.00 each

click to view full size image SW-4A-0825   -   Drake SW-4A MW/SW AM receiver. Coverage with installed crystals 150-500 kHz, .485-1.05 Mhz, .95-1.55 Mhz, 5.95-6.55 Mhz, 6.95-7.55 Mhz, 9.45-10.05 Mhz, 11.45-12.05 Mhz, 14.95-15.45 Mhz, 17.45-18.05 Mhz, 21.45-22.05 Mhz, and 25.45-26.05 MHz. Can be recrystalled to operate other 500 kHz segments. Hybrid circuit using 6 tubes, 7 transistors, 8 diodes. Requires a 4-8 ohm external speaker or 600 ohm headphones (not included). Screw terminals on rear panel allow the connection of a 50' - 75' long-wire type antenna, case has an access knockout on top to mount a Drake AL-4 directional loop antenna (not included). 120/240V operation. Case is in good condition with a few scratches and an ID number etched into top case near right rear corner, front panel in excellent condition. Used checked,
$225.00 each

click to view full size image S-55   -   Late 1940's Hallicrafters steel cabinet AM-FM broadcast band only receiver, covers 55-170 Khz AM, 88-108 Mhz FM. 11 tube superhetrodyne, 105-125V 60 Hz. Has mono phono input. Designed for an external 500 ohm speaker, but has a modern looking 6" round speaker placed within the cabinet. Front panel is in very good condition with some wear on lettering for on-off-tone switch, case is in good condition with a few scratches and rust spots, no dents. 18 3/4 x 9 1/4 x 12 1/4. Used checked.
$150.00 each

click to view full size image C-2   -   C-2/ARR-2, Control Boxes, (C9U) Used Good, BLACK,
$35.00 each
C-134   -   C-134/ARN, Control Boxes, Used Good, BLACK, use with MC-215,
$24.00 each
BC-938   -    Control Box, Western Electric, Used Good, BLACK, SCR-274 transmitter control,
$30.00 each
BC-616   -   BC-616 RELAY BOX used with the ARC-5 Radio system in some installations. Unused boxed 5 lbs sh.
$49.50 each

click to view full size image BC-457A-WE-FAIR   -   BC-457A, Command Set Transmitter 4-5.3MHz, Western Electric, USED FAIR, BLACK,
$75.00 each
CBY-52209-STROM   -   Transmitter 4-5.3MHz, Stromberg Carlson, Used Good, BLACK,
$85.00 each

BC-458A-WE-FAIR   -   BC-458A, Command Set Transmitter 5.3-7MHz, Western Electric, USED FAIR, SILVER,
$70.00 each

AM-26   -   AM-26/AIC, INTERCOM AMP, (O2P) USED, no dynamotor available.
$35.00 each

$40.00 each

click to view full size image MT-68/ARC-5   -   ARC-5 Command Set, Mounting Base, Shock Mounts Missing. (O2J,M2K) Used paint peeling.
$10.00 each
click to view full size image MT-236B/ARC-3   -   ARC-3 mount, used with the AN/ARC-3 VHF aircraft radio from World War 2. (N2J) Unused.
$21.00 each
RT-209-MOD   -   RT-209/PRC-21 Transceiver is a "non-tactical" radio, 152-174 MHz FM, 150 mW output, on one crystal controlled frequency. Hybrid tube/transistor circuitry. Designed from the ground up for use by the Army, mostly Military Police. Missing AT-486/G antenna. Has had 120 VAC input power supply built into battery compartment, low voltage side provides proper voltages, high voltage side only has 1/2 proper voltages; repairable. Has been retuned to operate on the 2 meter amateur band; crystals for 146.94/94 simplex included. 8.1x5.7x11.6, 17lbs sh. One only. Used,
$159.50 each
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