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click to view full size image DVM850BL   -   3 1/2 DMM - 10A / HOLD FUNCTION / BACKLIGHT , DMM with automatic polarity function and 3 ½ digit LCD display. Diode, transistor and continuity test with buzzer. Data-hold function and backlight. DC voltage: 200m/2/20/200/1000V. AC voltage: 200/600V. Maximum AC/DC voltage is 600V. DC current: 200µ/2m/20m/200m/10A. Overload protection: 10A. Resistance: 200/2k/20k/200k/2M. Requires 9V 6LR61 battery (incl.). Comes with protective holster. 2.7" x 5.4" x 1.2". New,
$17.90 each
click to view full size image DVM810   -   MINI 3 1/2 DIGIT DMM - 19 RANGES . Automatic polarity indication. Diode and transistor (hFE) test. DC voltage: 200m/2000m/20/200/500V. AC voltage: 200/500V. DC current: 200µ/2000µ/20m/200m/10A. Resistance : 200/2000/20k/200k/2000k. Basic accuracy : ±0.8% (±1.0% for 2000k range). Low-battery indication. With manual, test leads, and GP23GA 12V battery. New,
$8.30 each
click to view full size image AVM460   -   Analog Multimeter, DC voltage 2.5/10/50/250/500V, maximum input 500V, AC voltage 10/50/500V, maximum input 500V, DC current 500µ/10m/250mA, resistance: x1 and x10 with ohm adjusting knob. Basic accuracy ± 5%. Has battery-check function, and fuse & diode protection. Requires one AA-battery (included). Comes with manual, test leads and protective holster. 4.7" x 2.4" x 1.2", 2 lbs sh.
$14.40 each
click to view full size image M620   -   Philmore Multimeter with leather carrying case. (Similar to the Triplett 310 VOM Meter). 20,000 Ohms per volt. DC Voltage: 0-5-25-100-500-1000V (20,000 ohms/V). AC Voltage: 0-5-25-50-1000V (10,000 ohms/V). DC Current: 0-50 microamps, 0-50-500mA. Resistance: 0-6K-600K-6Meg-60Meg. Decibels: -20 db to +62 db in 5 ranges. Uses standard "AA" battery and MV-10 (15V photo flash) battery (Not Included). Unused tested.
$79.99 each
click to view full size image DVM93   -   3 1/2 DMM - 24 Ranges / 10A . Has transistor, diode and audible continuity test. DC voltage: 200m/2/20/200 /600V. AC voltage: 2/20/200/600V. DC current: 200µ/2m/20m/200m/10A. AC current: 2m/20m/200m/10A. Resistance: 200/2k/20k/200k/2M/20M. Low-battery indication. 3.3"x6.5"x1.3" 3 lbs sh. With manual, test leads, holster, and 9V battery. New,
$21.99 each
click to view full size image DVM890F   -   3 1/2 DMM - 30 RANGES / 20A / TEMPERATURE / CAPACITANCE / FREQUENCY . Low-battery indication, Overload protection and automatic deactivation. Transistor, diode and audible continuity test. DC voltage: 200m/2/20/200/1000V. AC voltage: 2/20/200/700V. DC current: 2m/20m/200m/20A. AC current: 20m/200m/20A. Resistance: 200/2k/20k/200k/2M/20M/200M. Capacitance: 2000p/20n/200n/2µ/20µF. Frequency: 20kHz. Temperature: -58°F to 1832°F. 3.5" x 6.7" x 1.5". 3 lbs sh. With manual, test leads, holster, 9V battery, temp. probe. New,
$46.20 each

click to view full size image RS-3   -   Amprobe Clamp - On Analog Multimeter. Works in wide range of temperatures, Does not need battery for measuring volts or amp, Easy to use rotary scale, Pointer lock, Recessed magnifying window, Drop Proof to 5ft, Frequency Response: 60Hz. This product is no longer being manufactured and we have only a few available. Order today before they run out. (O1U) Unused.
$75.00 each
click to view full size image DCM265   -   DIGITAL CLAMP MULTIMETER WITH DATA-HOLD AND BACKLIGHT . 3 ½ LCD display with automatic polarity indication. Data-hold and backlight function. DC voltage: 600V. AC voltage: 600V. AC current: 2/20/200A (via transformer jaws). Resistance: 2k. Continuity buzzer. 7.6" x 2.8" x 1.4". 3 lbs sh. Includes manual, test leads, 3 x CR2032 battery, carrying bag. New,
$69.50 each
click to view full size image DCM266L   -   ECONOMIC DIGITAL CLAMP METER , 3 1/2 LCD display with automatic polarity indication. Data-hold function. AC current measurements: max. 1000A. Insulation test: max. 2000Mohm. Voltage measurements: AC (max. 750V) and DC (max. 1000V). Resistance measurements: max. 20Kohm. DC voltage: 1000V. Basic accuracy: ñ 0.8%. Input impedance: > 9Mohm. Maximum input: 1000V. AC voltage: 750V. Basic accuracy: ñ1.0%. Input impedance: > 9Mohm. Maximum input: 750V. AC current: 200/1000A. Basic accuracy: ñ2.0%. Overload protection: 1200A for 60 seconds. Resistance: 200/20k (insulation test : 20M/2000M). Basic accuracy: ñ1.0% (ñ2.0% for insulation test). Overload protection: 500V. Overrange: yes "1". Continuity buzzer: yes. Low-battery indication: yes "BAT". Requires 9V battery. Accessories: manual / test leads / battery / carrying bag. 9.1" x 1.5" x 3.5". 2 lbs sh. New,
$19.99 each
click to view full size image DVM501   -   3 1/2-DIGIT DMM - 20 RANGES - 10A - SOUND LEVEL / LIGHT / HUMIDITY / TEMPERATURE . Automatic polarity function. Low-battery indication. Transistor, diode test, audible continuity test. Overrange protection. Sound level measurements: 35-100dB. Light measurements: up to 20000lux. Humidity measurements: 25%~95% RH. Temperature: -20°C to +1300°C. DC voltage: 200m/20/600V. AC voltage: 200/600V. DC current: 200µ/200m/10A. Resistance: 200/2k/200k/1M. 4.8" x 2.4" x 1.6". Includes manual, test leads, and 9V battery. Drop shipped from Texas. New. Regular Price, $103.95; Our Price,
$82.95 each

click to view full size image LAB1U   -   3-in-1 Lab Unit, Multimeter, Power supply, and Soldering Iron. DIGITAL MULTIMETER - 3 1/2 backlit LCD, Automatic polarity indication, DC voltage: 200mV to 600V in 5 steps, AC voltage: 200V and 600V, DC current: 200µA to 10A in 5 steps, Resistance: 200 ohm to 2Mohm, Diode, Transistor and Continuity Test, Data-hold function and buzzer. REGULATED POWER SUPPLY - Selectable output voltages: 3 - 4.5 - 6 - 7.5 - 9 - 12Vdc, Output current: 1.5A (2A peak), LED overload indication, Output on/off switch, Very low ripple, LED power indication. SOLDERING STATION - Low-voltage iron: 24V, Ceramic 48W heating element with temperature sensor, Temperature range: OFF - 150 - 450C, Lead-free soldering possible, Supplied w/ sponge and spare bit. Great space saver! Drop shipped from Texas. List Price, $193.40; Our Price,
$132.94 each

MM-ME-297   -   ME-297/USM-223 Maintenance Manual repro,
$12.00 each

click to view full size image ME-77   -   URM-105C VOLT-OHMMETER, handy meter in ruggedized plastic case has DC & AC ranges 0-10-100-1000 V; resistance 0-2K-20K-200K-2M-20M ohms. Response 30 Hz-10KHz; has 3.5: dia FS=50 ua-meter. Requires two AA batteries for X1-X10-X100 ohms; 22.5 VDC battery (not available) for X1K-X10K ohm scales. With test leads; 6.6x4x3.3, 3 lbs sh. Used,
$24.95 each

click to view full size image BALLENTINE-9632M   -   (AN/USM-451) DIGITAL MULTIMETER, portable unit with 3-1/2 digit LCD display operates from two D-cell batteries. AC-DC VOLTAGE ranges 0.2-2-20-200-1000 V with overvoltages protect. AC-DC CURRENT ranges 0.2-2-20-200-2000 MA -10 AMPS. RESISTANCE ranges 200-2K-20K-200K-2000K-20M ohms. DIODE TEST on 2K and 20 M ohm ranges. Extended freq-response 20 Hz - 25 KHz. Input impedance 10 megohms all ranges. LCD display may have blemish; "reparable" units tested to "zero" all ranges only. 2.8x8.2x9, 4lbs sh. USED-REPARABLE w/test leads & bag,
$39.00 each
BALLENTINE-9632-BAD   -   BALLENTINE 9632M (AN/USM-451) DIGITAL MULTIMETER, non-working "parts" meter,
$10.00 each
MM-USM-451   -   USM-451 Maintenance Manual partial repro,
$8.50 each

HP-410B   -   1 - 1000 volts DC (300 volts AC) in seven (AC six) ranges. 0.2 ohms - 500 megohms in seven ranges. Frequency range: 20 Hz to 700 MHz Input resistance 122 megohms DC (22 megohms AC). 6.9 x 10.4 x 7.9 inch. 15 lb shipping. (C2X) Used Reparable.
$99.00 each
$415.00 each
HP-3465   -   Digital Multimeter, (O1E) Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
HP-3476B-YY   -   Digital Multimeter, (O1E) Used Reparable,
$195.00 each
HP-3490A-YY   -   5-DIGIT MULTIMETER, (N1E) used reparable,
$150.00 each
click to view full size image 61-076   -   Voltage Tester by Ideal . Tester checks for 110 to 550VAC; 110 to 600VDC; 25 to 60Hz frequency; Indentifies AC or DC; Checks circuit continuity; Determines DC polarity; Finds blown fuses, grounding and leakage. Comes with the test leads featuring safety shield prod tips. 6625-01-028-1146 1.5x2.4x6.4, 3 lbs sh. (O1U) Unused,
$25.00 each
Wavetek-430   -   Wavetek 430 Transmission Multimeter, (Q1E) Used Reparable,
$99.00 each

click to view full size image SIMPSON-ZZ2   -   Panel Meter for Simpson 269-AF volt-ohmmeter. Meter specifies "Ultra high sensitivity volt - ohm - microammeter". O/A 2.2"D x 7.2"W x 5.9"H. Unused,
$40.00 each


BRUEL-2005-YY   -   Bruel Kjaer 2005 Hetrodyne Voltmeter 0.1-29mhz, Used Reparable,
$225.00 each
EATON-PHASE-YY   -   Eaton Phase Angle Voltmeter, Used Reparable,
$195.00 each
click to view full size image HP-400GL   -   ANALOG AC VOLTMETER, (M1I) Used Reparable,
$95.00 each
HP-3437A-YY   -   System Voltmeter, (N1E) Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
click to view full size image HP-3586B   -   FREQUENCY SELECTIVE VOLTMETER, measures tone level, idle channel noise, weighted noise at voice & compare to carrier frequency over 50 Hz to 32.5 Mhz @ 75 ohm input; voice level over 50 Hz to 100 Khz @ 600 ohms. Ampli-tude + 20 to -130 dBm; resolution to 0.01 dBm. Option 003 measures phase jitter, noise-with-tone, signal-to-noise with tone ratio and single level impulse noise. Push-button control & entry; HP-1B programmable. NA Bell standard. Requires 100/120/220 /240 VAC 48-66 Hz; 7x16.8 x18.4, 62 lbs sh. USED-REPARABLE, (N1C,O1E)
$450.00 each
HP-4815A-YY   -   RF Vector Impedance Meter NO probe, (T1F) Used Reparable,
$295.00 each
HP-5327A-YY   -   Timer Counter DVM, (P1E) Used Reparable,
$120.00 each
click to view full size image HP-8405A   -   * VECTOR VOLTMETER, measures by both magmeasures by both magnitude and phase over 1 to 1000 MHz in 21 overlapping bands. Also capable of determining insertion loss, group delay of bandpass filters, complex impedance of mixers and antennas, RF distortion and in-circuit probing. Ranges: 100 uv to 1 V-rms full scale in 10 db steps. Phase: 360 degrees on 0-center meter with end scale ranges +/- 180, 60, 18 and 6 deg. Band-width: 1 KHz. Requires 115/230 VAC50-400 Hz; 7x16.8x18.4, 36 lbs sh. PROBES DO NOT HAVE TIPS, INTERNAL COMPONENTS OF PROBE ARE MISSING AND CABLE IS DAMAGED, USED-AS IS with manual repro,
$250.00 each

click to view full size image HP-400E   -   SOLID STATE AC VOLTMETER . Small, compact unit covering 1 mV to 300 V-rms in twelve ranges. Frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 MHz. 10 Megohm input impedance. Accuracies of +/- 1 to 2.5% in 10 Hz to 4MHz range. 11.5x5.1x6.7, 8 lbs sh. Used reparable,
$69.50 each
MM-HP-400E   -   HP-400E Manual repro,
$12.00 each

click to view full size image HP-403B-LB   -   AC VOLTMETER, measures 0.001 to 300 V-rms in 12 calibrated steps, 1-3-10 sequence; -60 to +50 DB in 10 DB steps. Response 5 Hz-2MHz. Option 001 adds design accuracy of +/-0.2 DB of full scale 10 Hz-l MHZ; < +/- 0.8 DB all. Input imped: 2 megohms shunted by < 60 pf to 0.03 V; < 30 pf to 300 V. Requires 115/230 VAC & four 6 V 225 ma batteries in regulating circuit. 5.1x6.3x8, 9 lbs. USED-REPARABLE, less batteries,
$95.00 each

MM-HP-410C   -   HP-410C MANUAL partial repro,
$10.00 each
HICKOK-1604M-UR   -    very similar to HP-410C Voltmeter, Used reparable,
$69.00 each
HICKOK-1604M-CH   -   very similar to HP-410C Voltmeter, Used Checked,
$129.00 each

MM-USM-116   -   Maintenance Manual AN/USM-116 Voltemeter repro
$21.00 each

FLUKE-893A   -   AC-DC Differential Voltmeter, (N1H) used reparable,
$195.00 each

click to view full size image SIE-128A   -   * Sierra 128A FREQUENCY SELECTIVE VOLTMETER for analyzing carrier signals over 10 KHz to 15.1 MHz LSB-AM-USB; utilizes all-transistor frequency lock Could probably be used as receiver. Separate citucits for MHz and KHz tunign each with controls COARSE, FINE, CURSOR, and input TRACKING SIGNAL BNC jack. Voltmeter has ranges 30 uV to 30 V in 13 steps; DB ranges -90 to +30 DB. Select 75-135-600 ohm termination or 1 MHz calibratior; also Selectivity WIDE-NARROW, Main Tune LOCK-CONT, Audio GAIN, and phone jack. Requires 115 V 60 Hz or 28 VDC 220 ma. May have brown or geige front panel; 12x20x15.5, 52 lbs sh. Used-reparable with book,
$135.00 each
click to view full size image SIE-360B   -   SIERRA 360B SPECTRUM DISPLAY for use with Sierra 305A or 128A selective voltmeter; has 3x5 P7 long-persistence CRT. Sweep width 120, 12, or 3.6 KHz, 25 DB response. Rate: 3.5/1 sec Normal/Search @ 120 KHz width; 10/3.5 sec @ 12 or 3.6 KHz. Attenuator 0-20-40 DB calibrated plus +5 to -20 DB vernier. Marker amplitude +5 to -20 DB. Input impedance 50 ohms; IF input 21.1 MHz @ 50 uv. Oscillator input 18.8 MHz. Requires 115/230 V 50-60 Hz; 5.3x19x15, 28 lbs. Used-reparable w/ book,
$99.50 each
CS-SIE-360B   -   Ruggedized CASE & FRONT COVER for Sierra 360B,
$20.00 each

BOONTON-92BD   -   RF Millivoltmeter, Covers 1mv to 3V full scale range. Has digital display. dBm range covers -60 to +23 dBm. Frequency range is 10 kHz to 1.2 GHz. Basic accuracy is 1% of reading + 1% full scale. Provides true RMS for input levels up to 30 mV, approaching peak-to-peak above this level. Remote programmability. Less probe (N/A). 12x8.1x5.8, 10 lbs sh. (N1E) Used reparable,
$199.00 each
BOONTON-91DA   -   RF Voltmeter with probe, used reparable less probes,
$99.00 each
BOONTON-91M   -   RF MILLIVOLTMETER no probe, used reparable,
$69.00 each
BOONTON-93A-D-YY   -   TRUE RMS VOLTMETER, Used Reparable,
$45.00 each
BOONTON-928D   -   RF MILLIVOLT less probe, Used Reparable,
$45.00 each

NA-214C   -   NORTH ATLANTIC 214C Phase Angle, used reparable,
$395.00 each
NA-225-YY   -   NORTH ATLANTIC 225 Phase Angle, (T1D) used reparable,
$250.00 each
NA-545-YY   -   North Atlantic 545 Angle Position Indicator Nixie, Used Reparable,
$225.00 each
NA-VM204-YY   -   NORTH ATLANTIC VM204 Phase Angle Voltmeter, used reparable, (O1D)
$225.00 each

click to view full size image BALLENTINE-323-YY   -   TRUE RMS AC VOLTMETER, (R1E,O2D) Used reparable,
$85.00 each
CE-21-YY   -   Cushman CE-21 Frequency Selective Voltmeter, (T1C,T1E) Used Reparable,
$175.00 each
$295.00 each
$295.00 each
POLARAD-ZPV-YY   -   VECTOR ANALYZER, (T1D) 40 lbs sh. used reparable,
$395.00 each
RFL-829G   -   AC/DC CALBRATION STANDARD, used reparable, (M1E)
$398.00 each
DCH-1   -   Scientific Research 15KV Voltmeter, Used Reparable,
$100.00 each
click to view full size image SIMPSON-467   -   DIGITAL RMS VOLTMETER, Used-reparable,
$39.50 each
ME-440   -   * USM-381 DIFFERENTIAL DC VOLTMETER, similar to Fluke 896A; ranges 0-10-100-1000 VDC Probe for 1100 V (upto +/-5 KV common-mode) and for 15 KV at multiplier input. NULL ranges 0.01-0.1-1-10-100V -TVM used with 5-digit scaler as differential meter. Solid-state; w/ cover & operator info. 115/230 VAC 60 Hz; 11x12.5x15, 30 lbs sh. (B2W) Used-reparable,
$65.00 each
URM-145B   -   MILLIVAC RF Voltmeter with Probe, used reparable,
$169.00 each
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