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click to view full size image TRM-3   -   TRM-3 FM, AM, CW Sweep Generator/Display 15 - 400 Mhz in six bands, markers 0.2, 2, 5, 20Mhz, and 4 inch CRT display. RF output 0.1 uv to 0.1 volt into 50 ohms. FM sweep deviation 2 - 20% of center frequency. Power required 120 VAC. 17 x 17 x 13 inches. 120 lbs sh. (C3M) Used Reparable,
$295.00 each
click to view full size image SG-677   -   Sweep Generator , solid-state covering 0.5 to 1200 MHz in ranges 0.5-300 & 300-1200 MHz; output 0.5Vrms into 50 ohms. Sweep width continuously variable 0.01-1 MHz (Narrow), 0.5-400MHz (Wide). Sweep rate continuously variable, 5-60 Hz. Attenuation 0-70DB in 10DB steps + vernier; markers 1-10-50MHz. Requires 115VAC 60/400Hz. 10.5x19x17, 38 lbs sh. Used Reparable,
$275.00 each

click to view full size image GR-1021-YY   -   GR 1021 40-250 mhz am signal generator, Used Reparable, (P1D)
$95.00 each
HP8620A-YY   -   HP8620a Solid State Sweeper w/8622A 0.1-2.4 Ghz, (R1E) Used Reparable,
$250.00 each
HP-8690   -   W/8658B 0.4-110MHZ Sweep Generator, used reparable,
$195.00 each
RS-50   -   TEXSCAN SWEEP GENERATOR 0-500 MHZ, used reparable, (R1D)
$175.00 each
1062-YY   -   Wavetek 1062 Sweep Generator, Used Reparable,
$125.00 each


click to view full size image SG-1174   -   SUMMER SPECIAL (AUL 6201B) Signal Generator 3.8 - 7.6 GHz. Internal modulation of CW, pulse, square wave, FM or accepts external modulation. Control complement includes vernier tuning, attenuator, sync multiplier, pulse rate (40-400pps), pulse width (.5-10us), sync delay (3-300us), amd FM modulation level. Solid-state design except for 5037 klystron. 50 ohm output, plus sync and sync delay outs; external modulation inputs. 5.7x19x13.7, 54 lbs sh, No manual available. used reparable, (M1C)
$119.50 each

HP-606A   -   50 khz 65 mhz 3 v 50 ohms, Used Reparable,
$235.00 each

click to view full size image URM-26B   -   SIGNAL GENERATOR, 4 to 405 MHz AM-CW-Pulse in six bands. Output 0.1 to 100K uv into 50 ohms. Modulation 400 or 1K Hz 0-50%. External pulse-mod requires positive 40V-min 50-500 pps; duration 2-40 usec and 70 ohm input impedance. Requires 115 V 50-1000 Hz. Outer case may have small dents; less front cover. 11.3x14x10.5, 36lbs sh. Checked,
$225.00 each
MM-URM-26B   -   Maintenance Manual repro for URM-26B,
$21.00 each
ACCESSORIES sold only w/ purchase of URM-26B:

CN-315   -   2:1 attenuator, 50 ohms,
$11.00 each
CU-439   -   impedance matcher,
$13.50 each
BNC-6IN   -   BNC cords, 6",
$3.00 each

click to view full size image 1358A-ZZ4   -   Polarad 1358A-1-2 7.1 - 8.5 Ghz consists of 1108A-QS signal generator, and FM Test Adapter 1041-1. The Signal generator is CW or FM and is all solid state except for the long life klystron. The 1041 contains a frequency meter which can be used to provide a sharp notch and a power meter with two calibrated ranges -6 to +3 dbm and +3 to +10 dbm. The unit consists of two cases connected by side brackets. The units can be rack mounted. With reproduction of manual. 19x19x10.8, 70 lbs sh. Used reparable,
$250.00 each

SM-35   -   antenna simulator for the URM-25D Signal Genrerator. Used.
$10.00 each

click to view full size image HP-8640B   -   RF GENERATOR for 500Khz-512 MHz AM-FM-Pulse in 11 bands read on 7-digit display. Output +19 to -145 dbm (2 V to 0.013 uv); phase-lock FM. Requires 100/120/220/240 VAC 48-440 Hz; 5.5x16.8 x18.8, 53 lbs sh. (O1E) USED-CHECKED w/manual copy,
$1,325.00 each
USM-323   -   HEWLETT-PACKARD 8640B opt 323 SIGNAL GENERATOR, ruggedized military version of popular solid-state HP-8640B. Covers 500 KHz to 512 MHz AM-FM-Pulse in ten octave ranges using 6-digit LED readout; to 1024 MHz using external freq doubler (not available). Output: 0.01 uv to 2 V (-144 to + 19 DBM): modulation 400,1000 or 5000 Hz. Pulse freq: 0.05-5 KHz. Resolution 10 Hz (0.5-4 MHz), 100 Hz (4-64 MHZ), 1 KHz (64-512 MHz). USM-323 does NOT have these HP-8640B features: seventh 1/2 digit, X100 Expand, external count input, or phase-lock. Mounted in transit case. Requires 103-127/207-242 VAC 48-440 Hz: 7.8x19.5x22.4, 70 lbs. Used-checked w/ manual copy.
$995.00 each
MM-USM-323   -   Maintenance Manual AN/USM-323. Sometimes called opt 323, (HP-8640B opt H-95). Manual is TO 33A1-8-684-1, (TM-07570A-15) Repro,
$65.00 each
click to view full size image TS-403   -   or similar HP-616B RF GENERATOR, 1.8 - 4.2 GHz; 0.1-200 K uv out. 70 lbs. USED REPARABLE,
$150.00 each
MM-TS-403   -   TS-403 Maintenance Manual repro,
$23.00 each
SG-557   -   RF GENERATOR, 3.8-7.5 GHz FM-CW-pulse; 110 lbs. USED REPARABLE w/book,
$150.00 each
MM-SG-557   -   SG-557 Maintenance Manual repro,
$17.00 each
MX-1730   -   RF Fuse Holder, 50 Ohm N Connectors (C1M. Used good condition
$32.50 each
MM-HP-608E   -   MANUAL for HP-608E reproduction
$21.00 each
FIB-USM-44B   -   FIBERGLASS TRANSIT CASE for HP-608 generators; 30 lbs sh. Used,
$46.00 each
HP-618B   -   GENERATOR, 3.8-7.6 GHz, Used-reparable, (N1C)
$175.00 each
MM-HP-618C   -   MANUALs for 618C part-repro,
$20.00 each
HP-620B   -   GENERATOR, 7-11 GHz, Used-reparable,
$175.00 each
MM-HP-620B   -   MANUAL for 620B part-repro,
$23.00 each
click to view full size image BOONTON-230A-YY   -   SIGNAL GENERATOR POWER AMPLIFIER, used reparable,
$175.00 each
HP-8614A-YY   -   RF Generator, 800-2400 MHz, (T1D,D2X) used reparable,
$195.00 each
KH-330-MR   -   KROHN-HITE 330 MR 0.2HZ-20KHZ BANDPASS FILTER, (N2M) Used Reparable,
$150.00 each
KH-335   -   Krohn-Hite 335 .02CPS-20KC Multi-Function Variable Filter
$150.00 each
click to view full size image SG-376   -   SG-376 Transistorized two-tone IF Signal Generator for testing SSB equipment. Has two 20 - 20Khz audio oscillators and two independent IF oscillators. IF outputs 497.5, 498.5, 501.5, or 502.5Khz . Output levels 2-2.5 V into 600 ohms (AF); 1-1.25 V into 60 ohms (IF) with attenuation to 100 db in 1 or 10 db steps. The AF and IF signal outputs are independent of each other. Generates two separate AF signals which can be used independently, one at a time, or both can be added for simultaneous use. It also generates four different, unmodulated IF signals which are available independently, one at a time, or in specific pairs simultaneously. 19x12.5x5.3, 18 lbs sh. Used Checked,
$260.00 each
T1034B   -   MOTOROLA FM SIGNAL GENERATOR, used reparable,
$145.00 each
1105A-M-YY   -   Polarad 1105A-M Signal Generator 0.8-2.4 Ghz, Used Reparable,
$250.00 each
POLARAD-1107A   -   3.7-8.4 Ghz SIGNAL GENERATOR, used reparable,
$300.00 each
TS-419   -   Signal Generator 0.9-2.1 ghz, Used Reparable,
$165.00 each
POLARAD-1108A-YY   -   6.9 - 11.5 GHz Signal Gen.,
$250.00 each
click to view full size image MK105   -   SIGNAL GENERATOR KIT . Signal output: sine wave, triangle, square wave and integrator (selectable through jumper). Signal frequency: about 1KHz (fixed). Output level: adjustable from 0 to 100mVrms (LEVEL potentiometer). Requires 9V battery (not incl.). 2.2"x1.6". Requires insertion and soldering of components! New,
$7.50 each
SIERRA-470A-500   -   Hi Pwr Sig Gen 10-80W 190-260MHZ, used reparable,
$100.00 each
TEK-190B   -   Constant Amplitude Signal Generator, used reparable,
$125.00 each

The accessories listed below were originally made to work with the URM-191 but will work with any HF Signal Generator.

click to view full size image DA-650   -   DA-650 0R DA-651 Dummy Antenna for URM-191 RF Generator. 50 ohm impedance. Has a female BNC connection on each end. (R2I) Used,
$8.00 each
CN-1418   -   Fixed 5:1 Attenuator for URM-191 RF Generator. Has a female BNC connection on each end. (H1P) Used,
$9.50 each
35-28102-14   -   Adapter Connector for URM-191 RF Generator. Has a female BNC connection on one end and a 1/4" phone jack on the other end. (H1P)
$9.00 each

click to view full size image TV-50   -   SUPERIOR, GEOMETER, SICO model TV-50 from the 1950's. 17" WIDE, 8-1/2" H, 5-3/4" D. (O1H) Used.
$50.00 each


click to view full size image PX32C-YY   -   TRI-PHEONIX DIGITAL PULSE GENERATOR , can be programmed either remotely from an IEEE bus compatible system or by front panel controls. Repetition Rate: Internal - 0 to 9.99MHz in 6 ranges to three digits. External - 0 to 20MHz. Delta Delay: 0 to 9.99nsec in 6 ranges to three digits. Pulse Width: 20 nsec to 9.99 msec. in 6 ranges. Pulse Amplitude: 0 to 9.9 volts in 3 ranges and 2 digits. w/ original manual, 20.6x19x5.2, 32 lbs sh. (T1D,T1F) Used reparable,
$299.00 each
HP8002A-YY   -   HP8002A pulse Generator, Used Reparable,
$150.00 each
HP-8080A   -   PULSE GENERATOR MAINFRAME with 8081A rate generator, 8084A word-generator, two 8093A 1 GHz amp Used-reparable,
$895.00 each


BRUEL-1024-YY   -   Bruel Kjaer 1024 Sine Random Generator, Used Reparable, (R1D)
$175.00 each
BRUEL-1042-YY   -   Bruel Kjaer 1042 Sine Random Generator, Used Reparable, (R1D)
$175.00 each
7034-AD4-YY   -   Collins 7034-AD4 Test Generator, Used Reparable,
$250.00 each
7303A-60-YY   -   COLLINS TEST GENERATOR, Used Reparable, swqq
$195.00 each
7404A1   -   COLLINS SOURCE GENERATOR, Used-reparable,
$195.00 each
FLUKE-6160-YY   -   Fluke 6160 freg synthesizer 40-160mhz, (C2X) Used Reparable
$195.00 each
HP-940A-YY   -   FREQUENCY DOUBLER, (T1F) Used Reparable,
$150.00 each
HP-3300A   -   Function Generator, Used Reparable,
$99.00 each
click to view full size image HP-3310A-YY   -   FUNCTION GENERATOR, voltage-controlled function generator offering ramp and pulse functions as well as sine, square, and triangle outputs. Its frequency range covers 0.0005Hz to 5MHz in ten decade ranges. The output voltage is greater than 15 V p-p into 50 ohms. It has an easy to understand and use front-panel that makes setup and changes quick and easy. DC offset and external voltage control provide a wide variety of uses for you. (Q2C) Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
click to view full size image HP-3311A   -   * Function Generator has seven decades of range from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz. Has sine, triangle, square and pulse outputs. Max output voltage of 10V peak open circuit or 5V peak into 600 ohms. Pushbutton range and function selection add convenience to versatitlity. 10:1 voltage control and seperate pulse output suitale for synchronization or driving TTL logic circuits. Comes with original manual. 10.3x6.2x3.8, 7 lbs sh. (P2B) Used Excellent Checked,
$195.00 each
HP-3336A   -   SYNTH-LEVEL GENERATOR, Used Reparable,
$395.00 each
click to view full size image HP-3336B   -   Synthesizer / Level Generator covers 10Hz to 21MHz. This unit provides wide band sweep capability - sweep the full frequency range ( or as little as 2uHz), log or linear, signal or continuous. Single phase lock loop design means the sweep is phase continuous and you can modulate with AM to 50KHz or PM to 5KHz. Ten storage registers can be used to keep different test settings available for repetitive test. Unit is fully programmble over HP-IB. 16.5 x 20.9 x 5.2, 28 lbs sh. (R2D) Used reparable,
$350.00 each
HP-5110B-YY   -   HP 5110B Synthesizer Driver, Used Reparable,
$85.00 each
HONEYWELL-4881-YY   -   HONEYWELL 4881 Transient Generator, Used Reparable, (M1E)
$195.00 each
FEL-133A-YY   -   FEL 133A Phase Lock Synth, Used Reparable,
$195.00 each
FLUKE-6039-YY   -   FLUKE 6039 Freq. Synth., (C2X) Used Reparable,
$325.00 each
TM7816   -   MARCONI 12 CHANNEL NOISE GENERATOR, (T1C) Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
SCG-8H-YY   -   Marti SCG-8H Subcarrier Generator, (Q1E) Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
MB-2250MA   -   POWER AMP, Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
SINGER-TONE-YY   -   Singer Gertsch UNIVERSAL TONE GENERATOR, Used Reparable,
$125.00 each
7823-1-YY   -   Solar Transient Generator 7823-1, Used Reparable,
$150.00 each
TEK-184-YY   -   Time Mark Generator 10ns-1sec., (O1E) Used Reparable,
$150.00 each
WAVETEK-143-YY   -   20 MHZ FUNCTION GENERATOR, Used Reparable,
$99.00 each
WAVETEK-154   -   Programmable Waveform Generator is a precision source of sine, square, and triangle waveforms covering a frequency range from 0.001 Hz to 10 MHz. Also, a calibrated, programmable DC voltage output is provided. Operating modes of continous, trigger, or gated mode, selectable. Amplitude, frequency, and DC level may be digitally programmed with three digity resolution. All programming is DTL/TTL compatible. Used reparable,
$395.00 each
WAVETEK-157-YY   -   Prog. Waveform Synthesizer, (T1C) Used Reparable,
$225.00 each
click to view full size image WAVETEK 159-YY   -   Wavetek 159 Programmable; Sine, Sq., Tri., Ramp, TTL sync-pulse; Sloped panel w/ keypad, clear red diplay / indicator panel; GPIB, ASCII, Remote op.; 120VAC 60 Hz; 19x16x5.5; 18 lbs sh. (T1C) Used Reparable,
$195.00 each

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